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Magic Band Tips

After using the Magic Bands at two different parks and two resorts, as well as helping guests use them almost every day at work, I have come up with a list of things to help you use your Magic Bands for your stay at the Walt Disney World Resort.

One of the problems my friends and I have realised with Walt Disney World is that you need to come here… before you can come here. Basically unless you know what you’re doing, it’s hard to get the most out of your vacation.

  1. Customise them!
    Seriously, nothing looks sadder than those boring grey Magic Bands with no name on them. Plus, once you get to your resort and you 5-year old daughter goes, “but I want the pink one!” it’s too late to change it.Once you make your reservation online or over the phone, log into or create your My Disney Experience account. If you already have an account, you can make your resort reservation through MDX as well.My Disney Experience
    After you make your account, you can start linking your Magic Bands, booking restaurants and making your FastPass+ selections as well.Edna Mode from the Incredibles will give you a brief overview of what else you can do.On your profile, you can pick a favourite character and get each member of your family or friends as you add them to do the same.

    My Disney Experience

    Merida and I have a lot in common… red hair and bratty personalities being at the top of the list.

    You can change the colour and name on your Magic Band in your MDX account as well. Your name doesn’t have to be yours, either! I’ve seen orange Magic Bands with “Tigger” on it, one with “Yzma” and the husband with “Kronk”… have fun with it! You can also buy sliders and “bandits” once you get to the resort or parks. They’re available in the gift store of your resort or the big stores in the parks such as the Emporium (MK), Mouse Gear (EP), etc.

  2. Wear them comfortably!
    Most people seem to think that you have to wear the Magic Bands like a watch; the Mickey Mouse symbol on the top of your wrist like so;[…]…But this is really uncomfortable. The Bands aren’t designed to sit like that on your wrist. This also means you have to be a contortionist in order to use your FastPass+ or pay for items on your Magic Band. A better way to wear them is to have to Mickey facing on the outside of your wrist.
    This means you can simply touch your Band to use your PastPass+ to your left or right and pay for items without having to bend your wrist in a really painful way.And speaking of paying for things…
  3. Find out your credit limit!
    Each Disney Resort has a different limit you can spend on your Magic Band. In order to reset this limit, you can contact the concierge of your hotel and they will charge the credit card you have on file, thereby resetting the limit you can spend on your Band back to normal.This will save you from trying to check out that $200 purchase and having your Band reject. If this does happen, you can ask the store to call your hotel and it can be reset over the phone; it only takes a few moments.
  4. Adjust for smaller wrist!
    The Magic Bands can be adjusted for size; and not just using the holes on the side.You can peel away the grey part of every Magic Band to allow for a smaller-sized wrist.

There’s much more to Magic Bands, [ETA: and now that they’re being sold inside the parks and at ticketing booths!], and things will be moving along quickly for these interesting pieces of technology. I can very easily see Disney enabling you to put your credit card on file by Food and Wine 2014!

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