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Neverland Housing Event

This was probably the housing event that I did the least amount at. We just met two of the characters, then ate pizza. but the awesome conversations on the itchy grass plus watching awesome hallmark Christmas movies afterwards means the day was wrapped up well!

We arrived right when it started, and the character line was a little long. Peter and Wendy were meeting, but I wanted to meet Hook and Smee (rumored to be the characters replacing Peter and Wendy when they flew off) so we hoped we’d timed it well enough. Turns out we did, because we made it just in time.

As we exited, the line to meet Peter and Wendy (as Hook and Smee were leaving soon) was enormous, so we flagged meeting them (Peter still meets outside his ride in Magic Kingdom, but Wendy doesn’t meet with him anymore) and went for pizza instead.

On the way, we decided to take a photo with the mermaid setting that was put up.


Because someone in our group lives at Chatham and also happens to have Netflix attached to their TV (whaaaaaat, I freakin’ love this country) we watched lame/awesome ABC Family Christmas movies for a few hours. Best night in, imho.

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