Harry Potter, USA

Soft opening for Diagon Alley??

Lizzie as I hear whisperings that they were going to open Diagon Alley for guests today so we’ve made our way over to Universal Studios to have a look.

It rained hard.



Nevertheless, we decided to wait it out with our umbrellas and ponchos. Sure enough the storm cell passed, but then a team member came out to tell us that there was no chance Diagon Alley would be opening today.

So, instead we made our way to Hogsmeade. They’ve opened a bypass from the Sinbad adventure themed area I’m never quite sure of to the Jurassic Park area, which I’m assuming is in preparation for the 8th with people unable or unwilling to go the madness of Hogsmeade.

But this bypass offers a beautiful view of Hogwarts Castle.


We also found an abandoned queue line, apparently.



Despite riding Forbidden Journey twice, I still wasn’t dry, so we got popcorn and say outside the Three Broomsticks. I still can’t believe that this is something I can just do on my day off. With my program end date looming on the horizon, the urge to do EVERYTHING NOW OMG is getting bigger and bigger.


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