Things I would do if I won the lottery

(Hopefully I can use this as a reference one day so I remember what to spend all my money on!)

1. Make a fandom bar: An idea spread around tumblr. So y’know how bars play sports? Why not one that plays TV shows and movies? Doctor Who in one corner, Supernatural in another, maybe the Marvel movies in the lounge? Discounts to cosplayers, themed nights, premiere parties, themed drinks, season finale specials with tissues provided, DnD areas, etc. I know you have to have rights to play tv shows and movies in a public area, but… I can dream.

2. Set up a trust: Make sure a kid who wouldn’t usually have the opportunity can go study languages or fashion design or whatever floats their boat.

3. Fix my parents’ house: It’s not actually that bad, but they haven’t finished everything they’d like. So I’d do that.

4. Have a billion sponsor children: I have a sponsor child in Zambia and I love getting letters from them. It’s really wonderful and I’d love to help out families all over the world.

5. Go to the airport and buy the next flight out: Don’t care where, I just want to go.

6. Travel everywhere: No, really. Set foot on every continent, see all the places I’ve read about in books and seen in movies. Take a river cruise on the Danube, touch the Great Wall, eat spaghetti in Italy, go to Grenoble. Whatever and wherever I wanted.

7. Buy Tony Stark’s house: Alright, at a heafty $25, 000, 000 this one might be a little much. If everyone in Australia gave $1 we could all just afford it. But the plan would be; buy this house and sell it off in a timeshare type of manner for fans of the movies. I mean there’s 11,000 square feet of space here, you can book out the house or just one room, depending on how much you buy in or want to pay. And maybe have a charity weekend where kids come and can meet Marvel characters or something. Either way, I think a giant Marvel fandom party would be so much fun, especially if it was in Tony Stark’s mansion. Just remember to lock the suits up.

8. Pay off my debts, like student loans. *creys*

9. Grant wishes for people. If someone made an awesome cosplay, but didn’t have the money to go to SDCC? Or if their favourite band was doing a farewell tour everywhere but in their country? Or if someone (anyone) had never been to a Disney park??

10. Save, invest, budget and do all the other important things.

What would be some of the things you would do if you won the lottery?

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