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United Kingdom Spring Diversity Event

Part of the College Program experience is the welcome events. These are themed events where there’s free food (a siren call for CP’s), character meet-and-greets and dancing.

Apparently they also have “diversity” events; these aren’t in the timeframe of an intake (as welcome events normally happen after a large intake of CPs) and have a theme related to a country represented in the College, International and Cultural Representative Programs.

Yesterdays theme was the United Kingdom, as can be found in the World Showcase at Epcot. Aside form real mashed potato (which I really miss!), the characters doing the meet and greets were Merida and Queen Elinor!

As far as I know, Elinor has come out for two events; her daughter’s coronation and Scotland’s first day at Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival (2013). So meeting her wasn’t just rare, it was unheard of.

They met together for a little while, then Merida left, leaving Elinor to greet her guests. We joined that line again after meeting Elinor to make sure we met Merida as well, as my friend Chelsea hadn’t met her yet.

The food was very nostalgic, as much British food is traditional in Australia and New Zealand as well, such as the aforementioned mashed potatoes. The dancing is usually the same at most CP events; the wobble is in there at least once. But it really was the characters this time that made this event so good.

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