30 Before 30

So I found my old bucket list, most of these were to be done before I turned 25! (Oh how 17 year old me thought I’d have time for any of these!)

Thanks to Kya for the original idea!

Currently: 16/30

  1. Model in a pin-up photoshoot
    Ever since I took burlesque lessons, I’ve wanted to do one of these.
  2. Get a tattoo
    I have the perfect idea for one, given to me by my friend Courtney, but I’m still sitting on it, deciding if it’s a good idea or not. After all, once it’s on, it’s on.
  3. Dye my hair a non-natural colour
    I’ve always been partial to the idea of purple hair, particularly a pastel shade.
  4. Take a JLPT test
    I want to pass at least the first level and show a level of fluency in Japanese.
  5. Buy a pair of Doc Martens ✔
    October 2016 – My darling friend Sophiaa was kind enough to gift me her old pair!
  6. Stop eating fast food for a month ✔
    March 2017 – This will be a legit challenge.
  7. Go to a Disney Park with my best friend ✔
    July 2013 – Went to Disneyland with Elspeth.
  8. Become a Disney employee ✔
    August 2013 – This has been on my bucket-list since I was about 14 and I never ever thought I would get to tick this off! I completed a one-year International Program from August 2013 – August 2014.
  9. Go on a road trip with friends ✔
    November 2015 – Kristin came from Norway to New Zealand, and she, Chelsea, Courtney and I went on a pretty awesome roadtrip!
  10. Visit Korea ✔
    May 2018 – Went with Chelsea to visit Courtney while she was teaching English, after a trip to Japan.
  11. Buy a nice camera ✔
    October 2014 – Meet Kaylee.
  12. Complete the NaNoWriMo
    The industries I’ve been in so far haven’t been kind to me in November, so I never finish.
  13. Spend Christmas at a Disney Park ✔
    December 2013 – I feel like I almost cheated with this one, because I got to tick it off on my International Program, when I thought I’d have to plan a specific holiday for it.
  14. Visit China
    Again, I’ve always wanted to go and experience the culture, so here’s hoping I can tick of China and Korea at the same time!
  15. Return to Japan ✔
    December 2010 – I went to Japan for the second time in 2010 with my friend Ayane. I want to go back again before I’m 30, so maybe I’ll have two check-marks?
  16. Visit Canada ✔
    August 2013 – I was lucky enough to be able to stay with my brother when he lived in Guelph, ON and I had just finished my International Program with Disney.
  17. Visit the UK and Ireland
    My grandparents on my dad’s side were from Belfast and growing up on Jane Austens made me want to go and see all the amazing history there.
  18. Write, design and code a game
    I have the idea for a game in Ren’py sitting in my drafts folder, I just have to make the time to do it properly.
  19. Have over $7,000 in savings in the bank
  20. Learn to drive ✔
    September 2017 – Passed my full licence test
  21. Travel by myself
    While the world is not a kind place to a single female traveler sometimes, this is something I want to try.
  22. See a play on Broadway ✔
    August 2014 – My friend Courtney and I went to see Wicked on Broadway!
  23. Be in two places at once
    I want to stand over the northern and southern hemisphere or something similar!
  24. Donate blood ✔
    February 2014 – Donated blood at Vista Way, while on the International Program. Got a free movie ticket and a cookie, walked back to my apartment and promptly collapsed.
  25. Visit the USA ✔
    July 2013 – Landed in California on my way to Florida for the International Program with Disney.
  26. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter ✔
    November 2013 – I was lucky enough to have an annual pass to Universal Studios in Florida while I was on the International Program. Bec, Lizzie and I would go simply to have a butterbeer in the Three Broomsticks.
  27. Visit all four five Disney Parks (Disneyland, CA; Walt Disney World, FL; Disneyland Tokyo; Disneyland Paris; Disneyland Hong Kong; Disneyland Shanghai)
    This is the major one on my bucket list. I thought of this while I was at Walt Disney World, as Shanghai wasn’t completed then, and I thought “well I only have two to go, I’m over halfway!” Now I’m back one step, but I’m hoping to tick off both Shanghai and Hong Kong in one trip and then Paris in another.
  28. Read 50 books in one year ✔
    2018 – Finally found the time to set aside to read books both old and new to me.
  29. Travel from Los Angeles to San Fransisco with Elspeth
    I have the whole thing planned out, complete with us standing where the future Starfleet will be, our applications ready!
  30. Accept turning 30 is not the end of the world
    Yeah, good luck with this.

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