Bucket List

So certain people can hold me accountable (you know who you are). In no particular order. Those in bold are big ones for me.

  1. Get my drivers licence (September 2017)
  2. Live in the United Kingdom
  3. Model in a pin-up style photoshoot
  4. Get a tattoo of my favourite quote
  5. Have ombre hair
  6. Own every harajuku lovers perfume. I love the bottles~
  7. Own a ’67 Chevy Impala.
  8. Learn how to use chopsticks (2007, Japan)
  9. Learn Chinese
  10. Become fluent in Japanese (ie. master the joyo kanji)
  11. Learn how to knit (1999)
  12. Learn how to crochet
  13. Become a photographer
  14. Own a pair of Doc Martens
  15. Wear a corset (December 2012)
  16. Have a flat stomach
  17. Take a Zumba class (July 2012)
  18. Stop eating fast food for at least a month
  19. Go to Walt Disney World with my best friends (2013-2014)
  20. Become an employee at Walt Disney World (August 2013)
  21. Have my own personal library in my house
  22. Learn how to play poker
  23. Go on a road trip with my friends
  24. Go to Korea
  25. Let my nails grow
  26. Step foot on all continents, including Antartica Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia
  27. Own a Friesan horse
  28. Own a Maine Coon cat
  29. Own an Utonagan dog
  30. Have a DSLR (December 2014)
  31. Have rainbow hair
  32. Spend Christmas at Walt Disney World (December 2013)
  33. Visit Ireland
  34. Learn Italian
  35. Have all of Tolkien’s published works with matching book covers
  36. Ride first class
  37. Visit Canada (August 2014)
  38. Own an iphone (June 2014)
  39. Visit Russia
  40. Visit Prague
  41. Visit Italy
  42. Visit China
  43. See a Broadway Play (August 2014)
  44. See the Great Pyramids
  45. Have one foot in the northern hemisphere and one in the southern hemisphere
  46. Donate blood (July 2014)
  47. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (November 2013)
  48. Write a publisher-ready book
  49. Visit Abbey Road and recreate the Beatles cover
  50. Spend summer solstice at Stonehenge
  51. Explore 50 museums (thanks to Aisling for inspiring this one!)
  52. Have a minimum of $5,000 in savings
  53. Sponsor a child in a developing country (December 2012)
  54. Own a second hand book shop
  55. Be able to support myself if the need be on income from published works

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