I name my apple products after hobbits. Because hobbits like apples.

Bilbo (ret.)


My parents bought me Bilbo for university at the end of 2008. I got my ipod, Tobiume at the same time with a deal Apple had going at the time. Replaced with Frodo in 2013.


My new Macbook Pro. Named Frodo because it’s replacing Bilbo.

Pippin (ret.)

My adorable, wonderful iPhone 4 donated by Kristin. Pippin because it’s a cute name, it’s small and goes everywhere. As of 2016, replaced with Merry.


My iPhone 5s, purchased second hand. It’s slightly taller than Pippin, therefore I named it Merry.


An iPad mini, used for some games and as a great ereader. Most of my books, comics and audiobooks are found on here. (Merry named his eldest son Faramir.)


Tobiume was my second iPod. I got her when I bought Bilbo as part of a deal for students Apple had going. Engraved on the back is “this could be a little more sonic” from a Doctor Who episode. She was named before I started the Hobbit thing, so her name is from Bleach; Hinamori’s zanpakutou’s name. Ever since I got my first iPhone, she’s been living with my mum.