Name: Scamp (July 1998 – February 2013)
Species: Dog (Miniature Schnauzer)
Gender: Female
Personality: Scamp was a laid-back and lazy dog, although when she (and I) were younger, she would run around and play with us. Even in her old age she would still get excited for the daily walk. It didn’t matter what you were doing, she always just wanted to be in the same room as you for company.


Name: Hufflepuff “Huffle” (October 2006)
Species: Cat (Tortoiseshell Domestic Shorthair)
Gender: Female
Personality: Huffle is a mixed bag. She can be super-affectionate sometimes (like right now she’s snuggling on my lap) but can snub you when she wants to (like in a minute or so, when she jumps off my lap and saunters off). But we love her and I wouldn’t trade her for anything.