So one day this will have its own website, but until then. (I’m waiting for a favourite URL to become available, shh…)

I treat this almost like a to-do list, so the upcoming list is kinda in order to expect shit done.



  • Raiouken Recs
    My fanfic rec site. I’m hoping one day to code a better script to host it myself, with better tag searching, but for now, tumblr will do.
  • L’Arc en Ciel
    My TCG Trade Post. The layout’s crappy and needs a reworking, but… it’s up.
  • Book Club in My Pants
    A book club we need to get back into


  • Cosplay
    My cosplay website. Pretty much what it says on the tin. Now I live in the US, I’m hoping to attend more than one con a year…
  • Updates
    To keep track of all this rubbish.
  • WASD
    Unsure as to whether this warrants it’s own site or just a tag on my blog. I’m leaning towards the latter.
  • All-Alight
    My fanlistings list-er. Thing.
  • Sarang
    A fansite for pairings? A collective for pairings? A place for me to sob about my OTPs and how tragic they are? Ayup.
  • Moll Philander
    My burlesque website. Yes, I do burlesque. (currently nothing on tumblr)
  • The Silmarillion
    One of my favourite books and definately needs a freaking walkthrough to read. My attempt at doing just that.
  • Untitled Domain Collective/Skybird
    Because I’m a domain whore. I love them.
  • Walk to Rivendell
    Documenting how far I would have walked if I was in Middle Earth. Sadly, I only live in New Zealand. It’s as close as I can get. Possibly to only be a tag in my main blog.
  • Whimsical Pictures
    My doujinshi collection. Was previously up, but I lost everything when I moved hosts. Ah well, it needed a revamp anyway…
  • Shut Up, Hank!
    My comics collection. Similar to Whimsical Pictures, but this will probably be a much lighter version.
  • 日本語アゴゴ
    My Japanese Journal. For basically whining about how hard it is. Currently an almost-blank space on tumblr. By which I mean I’ve done no work at all. Yay me.

Twinkle in My Eye

  • Whimsical Scanlations
    My pipe dream of scanlating my doujinshi collection. Maybe one day.
  • Untitled Muse Shrine
    Because my OC, Iris, has been buzzing around in my head and she needs an outlet
  • Untitled Daniel/Sha’re Shrine
    My love for these two is measured in buckets of tears.
  • Untitled Supernatural TCG
    Because I have heaps of time on my hands, right?
  • Regius
    A shrine dedicated to the royal family of Neo-Crystal Tokyo, comprised of Neo-Queen Serenity, King Endymion and Small Lady. (A BSSM shrine)
  • Starcrossed
    A shrine dedicated to the relationships between the inner senshi and the shittenou. (A BSSM shrine)
  • HBIC
    Collective for badass ladies.
  • Etsy store
    For that time I can totally work from home and make a bucket of money doing so… </sarcasm>

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