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Spring cleaning

Spring is I’m the air! At least, it would be if it hadn’t snowed for the last few days.

And so, with that in mind, as soon as I got back from the USA (after I had the best sleep-in ever) I cleaned out my room with the help of my mother. I can’t honestly remember the last time I purged my closet, so it was clearly long overdue.

We first attacked the wardrobe. I find it really hard to make a decision on weather or not to throw something out, so I usually just end up keeping it. If you’re anything like me, get someone to help you go through your stuff. I needed someone to help make snap decisions and ensure I didn’t make choices based on sentimentality over my stuff. Reading Brittany’s post on purging her closet over at Va-Voom Vintage really helped out!

I realised I needed to be a lot more honest with myself about what to keep and what not to keep. Did I still wear it? Clearly being away for a year and not missing 90% of the items in the wardrobe was answer enough. Was it my style? I’ll get to that shortly, as I’m purging my closet with a… refit in mind. So no, to most of it. Is it flattering? Most of my clothes were hoodies, “comfy” pants and tshirts. Comfortable, yes. Flattering, not so much. I’m one of the girls who deals with Busty Girl Problems and about 98% of all tshirt designs end up looking distorted. So sadly, most of them are now becoming a tshirt quilt.

Next was the bookshelves. I went through all my books and am selling any books I either haven’t read, or probably won’t read again. Getting an ereader has helped cut down on shelf space. I adore books, but I don’t have the space to justify two groaning bookshelves in my room alone. There’s another few bookshelves in the study and my brothers room. Yeah, I have a problem.

So, as a result, I now have a much lighter wardrobe (the re-theming of which I’ll post about later) and much, much lighter bookshelves.

Clearing out a whole bunch of manga, old Doctor Who books and other fiction I’m probably not going to read again gives me room to display all the books I do want to keep. I have a buttload of Bleach manga, as you can see! Getting rid of all my old CDs has left me with a CD display case my grandmother painted for me. So, instead I’ve put all my Nintendo DS game cases in there, whereas they were previously shoved away in a box somewhere.

These are all the books I’m selling. Some will be on TradeMe and others on the New Zealand Cosplay Forums; I have a few manga items that need to go.


When was the last time your wardrobe got a good clean out? Do you have any special methods for being ruthless, or do you find it easy to spring clean?