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Year in Review and Days Off

I’ve not done a year in review before, so I’m going by a few templates of other bloggers!

Life in General

2014 was a huge year for me. The biggest thing being that I finished my Disney International Program and returned home to New Zealand, starting a new job. There were ups and downs, with the ups being Disney and the downs being leaving Disney. But that’s not to say there’s not the good things about being back home.



Obviously, travel was a huge part of 2014 for me, because most of it was spent overseas. Once I finished in Orlando I went to visit my brother in Guelph, Ontario, just outside of Toronto.


I also went to New York City with my friend Courtney and managed to see pretty much everything I wanted to in the course of a few days, crossing off a lot from my bucket list, including seeing Wicked on Broadway!

I also went to Los Angeles again and had a fantastic time catching up with another friend before heading home.

Finally, back in New Zealand, I went to Hobbiton with Courtney and Chelsea; something I’d been wanting to do ever since I saw the first Lord of the Rings film!



2014 wasn’t such a huge year for my usual hobbies of cosplay, gaming and reading. Mainly because I tried to make the most of my remaining time in Orlando by doing all the things, instead of playing games and cosplaying characters that would be there later. I aim to change this in 2015, with costumes and reading being high on my priorities. More about the reading part in another blog post shortly…


Like I said above, there wasn’t too many games I played in 2014, but I did manage to finish the WindWaker HD and Mario Kart 8 when I was visiting my brother and I started Twilight Princess for the first time. Having a WiiU when I got back helped kickstart my gaming bug again. Once I got back, I also got back into Star Trek Online and now I have a Federation and Romulan character.

I really want to start a gaming blog, but I have way too much on my online to-do list, so we’ll see…

Days Off

I managed to meet up today with a good friend of mine who will be returning to Japan soon. We went to high school and university together, but we haven’t seen each other in about three years. A bunch of high school and uni friends met up over the holidays and it was so nice to see everyone again after so long.

I’ve been going out with my parents a bit into Frankton for coffee. Queenstown has really expanded in the time I’ve been away, but it’s nice to see our favourite coffee shop/restaurant still here after a while. It’s a Thai restaurant open for lunch and dinner. They do the most divine BBQ pork buns and doughnuts!

I went to see the final Hobbit film again today (and now have bookmarked all the fix-it fic for reading tonight!) and went for a walk after we got home to try out some settings on my new camera.

The golden hour doesn’t really hit until about 9.30pm for us at the moment due to our location on earth and daylight savings time. So while I really want to get out there during that time, it’s not really feasible when most of my family have work early the next day.

The dog followed me most of the way home! Such a cutie.

I took my Thorin figurine out for an adventure. My mum got him for me when the first Hobbit film came out to match the Lord of the Rings figurines I had from when I was younger and the original films came out. I tried taking my Legolas one out with him, but the wind was too strong and he kept falling over. Damn elvish waifishness.

Now that the crazy busy time at work seems to be coming to an end, I hope to be posting a little bit more. See ya soon!


Spring cleaning

Spring is I’m the air! At least, it would be if it hadn’t snowed for the last few days.

And so, with that in mind, as soon as I got back from the USA (after I had the best sleep-in ever) I cleaned out my room with the help of my mother. I can’t honestly remember the last time I purged my closet, so it was clearly long overdue.

We first attacked the wardrobe. I find it really hard to make a decision on weather or not to throw something out, so I usually just end up keeping it. If you’re anything like me, get someone to help you go through your stuff. I needed someone to help make snap decisions and ensure I didn’t make choices based on sentimentality over my stuff. Reading Brittany’s post on purging her closet over at Va-Voom Vintage really helped out!

I realised I needed to be a lot more honest with myself about what to keep and what not to keep. Did I still wear it? Clearly being away for a year and not missing 90% of the items in the wardrobe was answer enough. Was it my style? I’ll get to that shortly, as I’m purging my closet with a… refit in mind. So no, to most of it. Is it flattering? Most of my clothes were hoodies, “comfy” pants and tshirts. Comfortable, yes. Flattering, not so much. I’m one of the girls who deals with Busty Girl Problems and about 98% of all tshirt designs end up looking distorted. So sadly, most of them are now becoming a tshirt quilt.

Next was the bookshelves. I went through all my books and am selling any books I either haven’t read, or probably won’t read again. Getting an ereader has helped cut down on shelf space. I adore books, but I don’t have the space to justify two groaning bookshelves in my room alone. There’s another few bookshelves in the study and my brothers room. Yeah, I have a problem.

So, as a result, I now have a much lighter wardrobe (the re-theming of which I’ll post about later) and much, much lighter bookshelves.

Clearing out a whole bunch of manga, old Doctor Who books and other fiction I’m probably not going to read again gives me room to display all the books I do want to keep. I have a buttload of Bleach manga, as you can see! Getting rid of all my old CDs has left me with a CD display case my grandmother painted for me. So, instead I’ve put all my Nintendo DS game cases in there, whereas they were previously shoved away in a box somewhere.

These are all the books I’m selling. Some will be on TradeMe and others on the New Zealand Cosplay Forums; I have a few manga items that need to go.


When was the last time your wardrobe got a good clean out? Do you have any special methods for being ruthless, or do you find it easy to spring clean?

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Identity is a very complex thing.

You don’t ever have just “one” thing you identify as. For example, I identify as many things; cisgendered female, Australian, bisexual kinsey 2(-ish), INFJ, Whovian, expat, Cumberbitch, redhead, feminist, Pine Nut, artist, Trekkie, writer, opinionated, THE LIST GOES ON.

And your identity changes as you grow. When I was younger, I didn’t know what cisgendered was and I assumed I was heterosexual until I discovered Karen Gillan researched more. PEOPLE CHANGE.

We all know we don’t identify as one thing, and no two people will ever identify the same way, even if parts of their identities overlap. For example, on my college program, I made friends with other Australians and New Zealanders. Some of these lovely people I worked with. For many other people I knew, they naturally assumed since we were both Australian, we either all knew each other already (spoiler: Australia is really big) or we had very similar backgrounds. Not so; I was born in Sydney and grew up in the NSW Southern Highlands. My other two friends were from Melbourne and Brisbane. Our backgrounds were very different, despite all identifying as “Australian”.

So why do we try and force people into boxes?

Just because I’m Australian does not mean I know the ins and outs of current Australian soap operas you might like. In the same way, just because I live in New Zealand, it does not automatically mean I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan. (spoiler: I am. But don’t assume that.)

Some stereotypes are just niggling and slightly annoying, but I can live with them. I know I make these sweeping judgements about other people as well, even if I don’t mean to.

One of the main things that has frustrated me since moving to New Zealand around eight years ago, was people’s inability to separate myself and their opinions on Australians. I find some (not all) New Zealanders take the Australian/New Zealand rivalry thing too far and it’s kinda annoying, but I can deal.

The other thing that has frustrated me I only came to realise in the last year since leaving for the USA: I can’t be both.

I am an Australian who lives in New Zealand. My parents moved here. I went to high school and college here. I don’t want to move back to Australia, but nor do I have much desire to take out New Zealand citizenship.

But when I’m asked where I’m from, and I reply; “Australia, but my family lives in New Zealand now” I’m immediately boxed into “oh, so you’re Australian, then?” or “oh, you’re a Kiwi, then?” Neither one is accurate, but neither are they inaccurate.

I usually just smile and nod at whatever answer and move on.

But think about it, if I said “Well, my favourite comics are usually Marvel, but I enjoy reading Batman as well.” would your reply be, “so you only like Marvel then?” or “ok, so you’re a Batman fan?”

What? No, I just said I like both! Were you even listening?

The more we listen to people, and the more questions we ask, the better chance we have of understanding the people around us on a much better level.

If you don’t know what pronouns people prefer, ask! If you want to find out what Harry Potter house they’re sorted into, ask! (btw I’m Hufflepuff, yo) If you want to know more about someone, they’re the best person to ask. Don’t assume (but also don’t be nosy).

If they refuse to answer, don’t push the issue. Some people aren’t ready to share information on their identity. Sometimes the identity we present to the world and what we identify with in our hearts are different things, for a variety of reasons.

Remember, we are all beautiful individuals and we can share that with the world how we want to.

If you’re still curious, check out Sexplanations’ video with Nick about identity!

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International College Program Series: Interviews

I’m going to cover some tips for your interview if you’re applying for the Disney International Program, or College Program. My experience was with a personal interview for the program.

As I understand it, for the domestic College Program you sign up online and then there’s a phone interview afterwards. For the most part, with the international program, the recruiters travel to a city, do a presentation and then interview the applicants after. My interview was in Dunedin, New Zealand.

For that year, because of the Christchurch earthquake, there was no presentation at Canterbury Uni, so everyone from Christchurch traveled to Dunedin for their interview, making it more packed than usual.

Jeni Masden is the recruiter for Australia/New Zealand. She started by presenting about the program and talking about what you do, what your pay rate is and the types of roles you may get.

She does emphasise that this is not a job you save in. I cannot stress that enough. I will get paid around USD$6,000 this year, which is technically below the poverty line. However, your housing has fairly decent rent, and if you use the CP busses, your transport to work, Walmart and the Mall is free.

So keep that in mind and don’t be like many people who spend a whole lot of money sorting visas and everything to get here and then leave, disgusted with the “pittance” we’re paid. The most expensive two-week holiday ever.

My interview was the next day at 10.00am at Otago University. Because I went to a tourism college, we all wore our uniform suits to the presentation (we all looked like either flight attendants or travel agents) and then again to the interview the next day. I’m not sure if they normally do the interviews the same day or not, so it’s probably best you dress up for both just in case.

For the interview I wore a flower in my hair. Nothing over the top, but noticeable. I wanted my interviewer to be able to look at my resume after I left and remember something about me, because they had a lot of people to see.

It’s handy if you have an “about me” spiel ready to go. I have one for every job interview I go to, because the first question nine times out of ten is “so, [INSERT NAME HERE], tell me about yourself.” They’re not actually interested. They just want to see how you’ll respond “off the cuff”. So have a practiced speech around 20 seconds about you. It can be where you grew up, what you studied and what your hobbies are, which gives them your personal and educational or professional background and then a little insight as to who you are. For example, mine is something like…

I was born in Sydney, Australia and my family moved to Queenstown, New Zealand when I was sixteen. I studied Japanese at Otago University and Tourism at Sir George Seymour College. I enjoy travel, writing and art and discovering new things.

So have a practice at home. Get friends to ask you at random times “tell me about yourself” until you can remember a few points without it sounding like a recording. For the application form, I ticked every box available for jobs. I really didn’t care what role I did for a year; I just wanted to go.

If you’re enthusiastic about one role in particular, tell them! My recruiter seemed keen on me doing lifeguarding. Which, let me tell you, you do not want your child’s life in my hands. Ever. But I told him that it would be a new challenge for me and I loved challenges. As it turns out, I got Merch and Vacation Planning, which was great.

Just be yourself at the interview. This is probably one of the only interviews where you can’t be too bubbly, so if that’s you, don’t tone it down! Disney is all about the pixie dust and magic for everyone, so the more pixie dust you throw around, the more fun you’ll have!

Take a copy of your CV. They probably already have one that you gave them yesterday, but it’s always good to have a backup.

After the interview, you’ll have to wait a while to get a reply. I remember mine being at least a month before I heard anything. I’m not sure if they contact you to say you didn’t get in or not, but pretty much everyone gets their emails at the same time.

Once you get that acceptance email, start your paperwork! And remember to reply to their email accepting their offer! Your journey has started!

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Returning Home

At long last, my trip to the USA is over. I honestly could have done another year over there. My experiences at Walt Disney World and throughout the rest of the USA has been unforgettable. I’ve made friends with people from all over the world and I’m going to miss everyone so much!

I caught an Air New Zealand flight back from Los Angeles to Auckland International Airport. My flight was actually surprisingly comfortable, given how much I was dreading being cramped in the plane. It turns out that I had a spare seat next to me (actually I had two, because in the row of four, there were only two people; me and another guy on the other aisle) which means I could stretch out a little when I wanted to sleep. it wasn’t the most comfortable thing in the world, but it was better than sitting upright and trying not to drool on the guy next to you.

Next to me were a few couples who had purchased the SkyCouch option. For those outside New Zealand, this means that passengers (usually a couple) purchase the third seat in their row at a discount, then at night an extra part of the seat folds out to make it easier to lie down on, and then you spoon. To be honest, I didn’t really see how much more comfortable it was for the extra price (something like NZ$300 extra from LA to NZ). You’re on a plane; you’re always going to be cramped at night, so you may as well save the extra money, buy a travel pillow and some sleeping pills or, like me, have some of the complementary wine with dinner and send you off to sleep.

The one new product I did try out with Air New Zealand, however, was their flexitime. This meant that I booked a flight at 10am from Auckland to Queenstown. But I arrived at 5.45am. It took about an hour to get through customs and 15mins to transfer to the domestic airport. So that left me with a lot of time to kill. But, I could go to the Air New Zealand self check in counter and change my flight to an earlier one. Which meant I got to Queenstown about 2.5 hours earlier by going via Wellington!

It was so nice to see my parents again. Skyping doesn’t really replace hugs and home cooking.

At this point, I’d been up for a while; I got about 7 hrs worth of sleep on the plane, but they were in hour long blocks, so I was pretty tired, but not shattered. I helped my dad build a barbeque we got him for father’s day (early present). I say I helped; I pretty much just held tools for him.


I guess I’m glad to be home; I’m certainly glad to be back with my family, but I will really miss Disney and the friends I made there. I know that I’ll go back one day, but I know it won’t be for a while. So here’s to Facebook and Twitter and all other forms of social media I can use to keep in touch with people!